NDA Breached?

fsATC breaching the NDA with Microsoft?

FSATC has once again surprised the flight simulator community. Seemingly, the story of the server is seeping into other communities, and terribly isn’t working in the best favor for the community.

Even worse is the fact of a possible breach of the Non-Disclouse Agreement (NDA) for the new Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 from some members of the FSATC community.

If you did not know; Microsoft along with Asobo Studios are creating an amazing new flight simulator. Along with this newly acquired information for you: Microsoft is providing access to the game through “Alpha” testing. It would all seem like this was a simulation, and everything was in order (for goodness sakes there is now aliens in our sky). If you also didn’t know: news flash, a few members of FSATC have notably been known to hold access to the “Alpha” … and you know where exactly this is going…

FSATC recently came out with a new clause in their rules, and here is the contents from rule 5, subset 1:

“If you are under NDA for anything (FS2020, Project Fly v4 etc) please do not stream that content in this server as we are considered enabling a breach of the respective NDA.”

Now this, is plain and simply. Sad? If there had to be a rule constructed to the members of the community to not share content through Discord Streams; then there has been multiple instances of a breach in several NDAs; especially since they stated more then one platform’s contracts that could’ve been broken.

Shockingly… I have witnessed a few times where an NDA may have been broken, and I can not relatively state whom or when that occured, but I may tell you that it did occur on FSATC. Now sadly, the rule was not enforced then, so I could not advise them to stop, but thus… we all continue life, and move on.

This post does not relatively “hate” on anyone; as that is not my goal, but instead I would like to bring light to some issues within our community with sharing content. Please do not stream content if you are under a non-disclosure agreement; because it will only bring you trouble. But why…