14 year old gets sued

28 year old Arturas Kerelis, better known as AJ sued the 14 year old user known as RedMugs.

In mid 2019, 3 users by the names RedMugs, AJ and Salad decided to found fsATC. It all went well and the community grew bigger and bigger. Everyone put their heart and soul into making it a fun environment to fly in. Always up for a joke, the 3 admins were the heart of the community.

Were, you ask? Yes, the once pride and proud community is now nothing more than a hell like dictatorship for FSX players, both experts and beginners alike. How did this happen? Let me tell you.

2 of the 3 admins always worked together. Communicating with each other and making sure that everyone agrees on major decisions. One of the 3 admins however had a different mindset. AJ would never communicate with the other admins of fsATC, he was hungry for power, he wanted more…. So the other 2 admins came to the conclusion that he should not be held in a position of power and banned him from the discord server.

28 year old Arturas Kerelis (better known as AJ) has a long history of being a con artist. Now that he wasn’t in a position of power anymore, he summoned his Photoshop skills and started forging. Forging? Yes, he forged lawsuit documents and threatened the 14 year old admin named RedMugs, who had ownership of the discord server at that time.

The forged lawsuit filing.

RedMugs, like any scared 14 year old, handed over the ownership of the discord server to AJ. From then on everything went downhill. Salad, the other admin who had put more than 120€ and countless upon countless of hours into the server, obviously didn’t like the ownership transfer, but because he loved the community, he did not take down the website, strips system and discord bots. He continued to spend money on the server. But AJ didn’t want anyone who opposes his monarchy, so he managed to get Salads discord account banned for child pornography, which is outrageous if you think more than 2 seconds about it. As a response Salad took down everything.

From then on AJ proceeded to remove everyone who had anything against him. He made sure to put the blame on them as well.

I guess some people just don’t have morals.

Links to read more about AJs con artist history. (Also you will find a lot about him if you google “Arturas Kerelis”)

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